Is Zhang Wangli the lightest woman to clean and jerk 150kg?


Despite Betteridge’s law the answer to this question is likely yes. In case you’re not familiar, in September 2015 at the IWF Grand Prix, Zhang Wangli managed to clean and jerk 150kg at a bodyweight of only 65.14kg.

0:34 in the video:

She repeated the same weight slightly heavier (65.60kg) about a month later at the National Youth Games.

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I originally made the claim in the AllThingsGym comment section. So why only “likely” and not “definitely”? The simple answer is due to a lack of access to Chinese statistics.

In IWF competition to my knowledge Zhang Wangli surely is. The previous “best” was by World champion and former WR holder at 63kg Liu Haixia. At the 2007 Asian championships she also clean and jerked 150kg, weighing 65.50kg.

With regards to competitions in China (Nationals, National Games) there is a minor uncertainty since protocols aren’t available. The 63kg record was just recently increased to 149kg by Deng Wei, so the only option are light 69kg women.

Candidates would be for example Liu Chunhong, Li Liying or again Liu Haixia.

The imho greatest female lifter of all time Liu Chunhong was a full 69 for her entire career, including as early as 2002 when she was 17. Liu lifted 155kg in November 2001 at the National Games, the available data doesn’t mention her weight however I strongly doubt she was as low as 65.1kg.

Li Liying didn’t compete much internationally, however she won the 2005 National Games with 125/150/275. Since I lack information with regards to her weight at the time I won’t speculate either way.

Liu Haixia was a full 69kg in 2005-2006 coming down to 63kg in 2007 for the Nationals in May. Her 150kg lift was in April so this seems to have been a unique circumstance while changing the class.

With all that said – and until more information emerges – I still think that yes, it’s safe to say that Zhang Wangli is the lightest woman to ever clean and jerk 150kg.

Lastly, some early evidence of her talent, a 115kg at 53kg C&J at the 2011 Intercity Games, where she was only 15 years old.

50:50 in the video:


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