Age statistics of the 2013 Chinese National Games


The following is a simple table of lifters’ ages at the 2013 National Games of China, held in Liaoning. The National Games are a multi sport event and can be called a domestic Olympics. The weightlifting competition held as part of the program is considered more prestigious than a regular National Championships.

Age is calculated not by actual age, but by “IWF age” – the year of birth determines the number. For example every person who turned 20 in 2013 is considered 20 for this post.

All birth dates are taken from the official results PDF files. Each class consists of 15 or 16 competitors.

The table lists the weight class, the average age (A), the youngest (Y) and oldest (O) lifter.

W48   A22.2   Y17   O31
W53   A22.1   Y16   O31
W58   A20.5   Y17   O25
W63   A23.2   Y18   O31
W69   A20.9   Y18   O24
W75   A22.5   Y18   O28
W75+ A21.8   Y18   O26

M56     A21.6   Y16   O26
M62     A23.5   Y20   O29
M69     A22.0   Y18   O26
M77     A22.8   Y18   O29
M85     A22.7   Y18   O33
M94     A23.7   Y20   O30
M105   A22.6   Y17   O28
M105+ A25.2   Y21   O30

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