Why does Yang Lian hold the national snatch record?

Something I’ve noticed around 2012 for the first time and have been curious about ever since. The CWA has continuously published and updated the Chinese records list, the current link sits here:


The very first entry for the 48kg class lists the great Yang Lian as owning the snatch record with 99kg set at the 2009 National Games in Jinan. Indeed that lift happened then and there, but she wasn’t the first to get the weight!

Whoever followed the competition then or watches replays now will notice the equally great Wang Mingjuan hitting 99kg first, with Yang Lian following about a minute and a half later. In the embedded video the sequence of lifts begins at 53:20.

So why exactly was Yang and not Wang credited with the record? The first person to get the weight gets the record, universally. Wang wasn’t disqualifed afterwards, which would be the only explanation.

Still strange after all these years.

One thought on “Why does Yang Lian hold the national snatch record?

  1. Man the olden day chicks were a lot less feminine. The recent Chinese lifters are very girly (some pretty hot) by comparison. Almost like the authorities are asking them to keep the hair long and wear some make up


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