Countries affected by the Rio qualification doping rules


The qualification system document for the Rio Olympic Games lays out the rules regarding doping infringements during the qualification peroid. This timeframe is defined as 19 June 2014 to 19 June 2016.

On page two of the PDF the following penalties are given:

Any country accumulating 4 to 5 sanctions within the qualification peroid loses one (1) quota place. Any country accumulating 6 or more sanctions within the qualification peroid loses two (2) quota places. Any country accumulating 9 or more sanctions within a calender year will be barred from the Olympic Games.

As of now only two countries, Bulgaria and Romania, have been affected officially by these rules since their number of finalized sanctions was high enough by November 2015. Bulgaria is barred and Romania lost one (1) quota place.

However by now more provisional suspensions have been handed out. An unofficial count – assuming all suspensions will result in sanctions – affects the following countries with the number of quota places lost in brackets:

  • Azerbaijan (2)
  • Belarus (1)
  • Kazakhstan (2)
  • Moldova (2)
  • North Korea (2)
  • Russia (2)
  • Uzbekistan (1)

For an unofficial count of confirmed sanctions plus provisional suspensions for all countries see here.

When and whether these sanctions in limbo are made official (or not) is not transparent at the moment. The previous two country verdicts were announced at the Executive Board Meeting during the 2015 WWC. The next EBM is scheduled for 22 June 2016, however the qualification timeline (page 10 of the PDF) marks 20 June 2016 as the day the IWF informs countries of their allocated quota places. Which would technically render any penalties enacted at the EBM two days too late.

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